Two of the purposes of the College Church Library are: (1) to nurture the congregation's spiritual growth and wisdom as believers; and (2) to direct unbelievers and seekers toward belief in Jesus Christ as Savior.

The Library

The collection consists of over 2340 items, including over 70 audio CDs and cassettes, and over 135 videos (VHS and DVDs).  For a complete listing see our online catalog.

The library is located in two places: First, in room 28 downstairs in the main building and second, on a cart at the back of the Sanctuary.  The library is accessible any time the building is open.


The library has 2 “commandments”:

1.)  Thou Shalt check out all materials borrowed (i.e. fill out the card with date due, your name, and phone number, and leave in the small gray box)

2.)  Thou Shalt return borrowed materials (i.e. 3 weeks for books, 2 weeks for audio/video).  PLEASE RETURN them!  We have many overdue items!


We welcome donations of books, CDs, and DVDs that are recent (i.e. copyright 2000 or newer) and in good condition.  Please fill out and submit a Donation Form (available on the table to the right inside the library in Room 28) indicating the materials you wish to donate.  We can then tell you whether we could use your donation.  If you donate without using the form, be aware that we will dispose of any materials we don’t use at our discretion.


The committee overseeing the library is chaired by Dave Rittner, and includes Pat Schumann, Bonnie Webster, Lee Webster, and Rich Winnick.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions of new materials to add to our collection or would like to be added to our mailing list please feel free to contact Dave Rittner or Lee Webster.

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