The deacons desire to care for the people of the College Church family.  Each member of the College Church family has a deacon assigned to them based on the geographical area in which they live (see area map).  The deacons are available to help coordinate assistance during times of need.  Some examples of the ways in which the deacons can arrange for assistance are as follows: MEALS             for a family with a new baby for a family who is grieving for a family with illness or injury for a family struggling financially   RIDES          for a doctor's appointment   BABYSITTING in an emergency or family crisis   SPECIAL  PROJECTS         during a crisis - i.e. cleaning toilets, or raking leaves   Please contact your area deacon, or the church office, if your area deacon is unavailable or if your need is immediate, with requests for assistance for yourself or a College Church friend.  The deacons will check in to see what is needed, and then contact College Church folks in your region to see if they are available to help with a meal, etc.  We are thankful for those who know someone well enough to coordinate help and are glad to have your assistance. Who are Your Deacons? Policies Contact Us