The future of small groups at College Church is nextStep.  The intent of nextStep is to provide the people of College Church a chance to go deeper, to grow in Christ, to be discipled, shepherded, and loved.

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nextStep groups are a place to grow, to learn, to get connected to others.  A place to be cared for, and to see faith put into practice in a way that people are able to receive Christ's love for themselves as well as to share that love with others.  Our desire is to see each person involved with College Church actively participating in a nextStep group which helps to nurture their relationship with Christ in these ways. 

There are several aspects which are common to all nextStep groups.  They are:

  • Three-Fold Leadership Structure

    Each nextStep group will have a Teacher, a Shepherd, and a Host (see the Role Definitions document for details).  By separating the leadership we enable each leader to concentrate on their role with the goal of allowing each leader to serve well in their area of giftedness without overcomitting their time.

  • Three Element Meeting Time

    Each nextStep group will have three parts of their meetings; a shared meal of some kind (may range from a full meal to just a dessert), a time of teaching, and a time for prayer and sharing.  By intentionally incorporating each of these elements into the nextStep meetings we hope to ensure that no one aspect is overemphasized, fellowship, learning, and prayer are all important parts of growing in Christ.

  • Quarterly Common Teachings

    Once per quarter there will be teaching, distributed by the pastoral staff, which all nextStep groups will work through for a couple of weeks.  The goal with these teachings is to ensure that everyone within the church is well grounded in critical issues of the faith.  There are 12 topics which will be covered on a 3 year rotational basis (for a list of topics click here).

For more information about nextStep please take a look at our nextStep documents attached below or contact Pastor Chris.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (nextStepLeaderForm.pdf)nextStepLeaderForm.pdfnextStep Leader Application Form73 kB
Download this file (nextStepGroupRoles.pdf)nextStepGroupRoles.pdfnextStep Group Role Definitions88 kB
Download this file (nextStepGroupCovenant.pdf)nextStepGroupCovenant.pdfnextStep Group Covenant Form64 kB
Download this file (Small Group Leaders Meeting.pdf)Small Group Leaders Meeting.pdfnextStep Leaders Training270 kB
Download this file (small groups - core topics.pdf)small groups - core topics.pdfnextStep Groups - Core Topics45 kB